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1 Jun 18
Fiesta Kreutziga Warm-Up Konzert
10 pm at K19
with Bastardo Four (Snotty Dirty Punkrock Show from Berlin) and Freaknation (Powerviolence from Basque Country)

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Created by ambush art
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Uncompromising grooving rhythms, attacking virtuous riffs and a violent dirty voice.

Since 2008 Uranus Front provides a journey from blues to heavy desert rock - with a huge Punk attitude. This Berlin Stoner Punk Heavy Riff Rock Band is influenced by a variety of bands and artists like Motörhead, AC/DC, Miles Davis, Kyuss, Hellacopters, Pantera, Schleimkeim, Led Zeppelin, Terrorizer, BB King - to name a few.

Uranus Front are a powerful intense live act playing gigs for those who love it loud.




tree of the suicidal lovers [mp3]
beer for the horses whiskey for the men [mp3]

Rehearsal Room Highlights


puke duke (high voltage wank mix) [mp3]
gutterbaby with gutterbaby and two basses [mp3]

Love is the Tender Prey of Betrayal


turbo lover [mp3]
no guts no glory [mp3]
a bright day's brutality [mp3]
happy schleppi [mp3]
into the horizon [mp3]
das brett [mp3]
common madness [mp3]
nuclear fire force [mp3]
once [mp3]
fare well [mp3]
shit faced [mp3]
juan son [mp3]
disco stew [mp3]
das riff [mp3]
only the sun knows why [mp3]